GATINEAU PLACE – New Lougheed Presale

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GATINEAU PLACE – New Lougheed Presale

GATINEAU PLACE – New Lougheed Presale is taking life to new heights! Literally!  This development consists of three towers. But that’s not all, the tallest tower will rise into the skies at over 800ft tall. This marvel is developed by Pinnacle International Development. These stunning towers are designed to represent the shape of flowers to connect your lifestyle with nature.  The entire development will be a 72-acre masterpiece immediately North of Lougheed Town Center Station. Moreover, Gatineau Place will be completely transit oriented with residential, retail, office, and public space. Further to that, architects have confirmed the towers will sit on the edge of each parcel to maximize the open public space and will face the new transit plaza with adjusted Bus Loop.

Above all the development will consist of approximately 3 million sqft of total floor area! Therefore, all 3 towers will have residential space in the upper levels. Developers indicated 1.9million sqft of condominium space alone. Additionally, at least 20% of residential density must be dedicated to rental housing under the city’s inclusionary rental policy. Most importantly, between the three munificent towers there will be enough floor area to home thousands of people!

East Tower

The East Tower in Gatineau Place will be the biggest and boldest of the bunch! This tower will be the tallest building in BC, and West of Toronto. That is to say, this tower will soar at over 800sqft, and have 82 floors. Meanwhile, there is a 200 room hotel planned for the lower section of the East Tower which will include a restaurant, ballroom, meeting rooms, and other amenities. In addition, much of the amenity space for residents, including a swimming pool, are mainly in the base of this tower as well.

West Tower

The West Tower will be the second largest of the trio with 67 storeys. This tower will be amongst the regions tallest towers exceeding the infamous Shangri-La in Vancouver. Alternatively, the first 10 floors of this tower will accommodate office space to host 1240 workers.

South Tower

The South Tower will be the shortest of the 3 towers. However, it will still be relatively tall. Similarly, the South tower will work as retail space at it’s base.



Most importantly GATINEAU PLACE – New Lougheed Presale will make life exciting and effortless!


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Three Reasons Why Buying Near a SkyTrain Station is a Smart Move


1. Convenience

As we move towards a greener future, owning a car is becoming less and less necessary. We are seeing more and more people trade in their high insurance costs and lease payments for car share and a Translink Pass. For those who are willing to give up their car, the trade-off is usually that they want to be in close vicinity to the SkyTrain Station.


2. Resale & Rental Rates

Homes, Condos, and Presale Condos that are close to the SkyTrain station rent for more and sell for more, and rent quicker and sell quicker.


3. Supply vs. Demand

SkyTrain-Friendly Real Estate holds its value. As prices continue to increase, SkyTrain hubs become more and more desirable, and as demand builds, prices rise. Securing a piece of Real Estate in close walking distance to the SkyTrain station is a great way to mitigate risk in fluctuating markets.


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