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Where Is Fleetwood?

Fleetwood is located in the center of the Northern part of Surrey. The community has approximately 35 restaurants, 25 parks and greenspaces, a swimming pool, sports arena, community gardens, golf course and more. It is the smallest of Surrey’s town centers and also one of the newest to be developed. This area has always been primarily single family residence, however with the Surrey Langley SkyTrain coming in they are set to incorporate more mid to high density housing.

Population Size

Currently the Fleetwood Community has approximately 60,000 residents. The Fleetwood community is expecting it’s population to double in the next 25 years to around 120,000 according to CBC News, with approximately 30,000 of these new residence predicted to come in by 2033.

Community Plan

20-30 towers are set to be built specifically around the 152nd and 160th SkyTrain Station Stops. For more information on the development plans in Fleetwood visit our SkyTrain news post: Fleetwood Plan – Surrey Langley SkyTrain Station


There are nine major bus stations in Fleetwood making transportation highly assessable. In addition to this the Fraser Highway SkyTrain extension will add three SkyTrain Station stops to the community. Here are the stops:

  • 152nd Street Station (West Fleetwood)
  • 160th Street Station (Fleetwood Center)
  • 166th Street Station (East Fleetwood) – This area will be redeveloped as a key employment district

Home Prices

Resale prices for Surrey, Fleetwood Sub Area, Langley

August 2023

Fleetwood – $629 / SF

Surrey – $560 / SF

Langley – $649/SF / SF

Presale (New home)  prices for Surrey, Fleetwood Sub Area, Langley

Presale Prices

August 2023

Fleetwood – $813

Surrey – $811

Langley $737

Work And Household Income

On average residents in Fleetwood make $109,000, this is 32% higher than the nation’s average with an unemployment rate of 6%. One of the largest employers in the area is the Surrey Memorial Hospital located just a few minutes down the Fraser highway. This hospital is a level three trauma center and employs over 45,000 people. You can also find employment at the local golf course, local restaurants, Surrey sports and leisure complex, auto technicians, car sales at Kia/Hondo/Nissan and more.

Things To Do In Fleetwood


  • Freedom Dog Park
  • Fleetwood Park
  • Surrey Lake Park


  • Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex
  • Fleetwood Community Center
  • Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Course
  • Godwin Farm Biodiversity

Arts and Culture

  • Fleetwood Library
  • Fleetwood Gardens

Three Reasons Why Buying Near a SkyTrain Station is a Smart Move


1. Convenience

As we move towards a greener future, owning a car is becoming less and less necessary. We are seeing more and more people trade in their high insurance costs and lease payments for car share and a TransLink Pass. For those who are willing to give up their car, the trade-off is usually that they want to be in close vicinity to the SkyTrain Station.


2. Resale & Rental Rates

Homes, Condos, and Presale Condos that are close to the SkyTrain station rent for more and sell for more, and rent quicker and sell quicker.


3. Supply vs. Demand

SkyTrain-Friendly Real Estate holds its value. As prices continue to increase, SkyTrain hubs become more and more desirable, and as demand builds, prices rise. Securing a piece of Real Estate in close walking distance to the SkyTrain station is a great way to mitigate risk in fluctuating markets.


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