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New Surrey Langley SkyTrain Project!

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The Surrey Langley SkyTrain line is set to be operational by late 2028


This new SkyTrain line will run 16km along the Fraser highway from the King George Station to Langley City. This will be a much needed extension to the expo line. As Langley has not been the most transit accessible area, this change will be transformational for property values. We strongly believe in the investment potential along this new line and are excited to continue to see growth here. The total cost of the project will be just over $4billion. The commitment to this SkyTrain line began in 2020 with the approved business case following in July 2022 and multiple contracts procurement process having started in August 2022.

Key Areas

There will be a total of 8 new stations and 3 bus exchanges connecting Surrey City Center, King George Station, Fleetwood Clayton, Cloverdale and of course Langley Center.


Did you know…

The area South of Fraser is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the region. There is an estimated population increase of 420,000 people between Langley, Langley City and Surrey. There will also be an increase of 147,000 jobs create both directly and indirectly from this expansion by 2050.

Projects along the new SkyTrain Line:





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New Surrey-Langley SkyTrain Line Extension

Surrey-Langley SkyTrain Line Extension Project


The Surrey Langley SkyTrain project is one of the most anticipated projects in the Lower Mainland. This extension to the Expo line will bring the SkyTrain all the way to Langley. The line will run 16km in length and will connect 3 key corridors on the South of the Fraser. That is to say,104 Ave, King George Boulevard, and the Fraser Highway will all be a part of this major project. In other words, this line will connect users to more services, communities, and opportunities in half the amount of time!

The Surrey Langley SkyTrain will run from King George Station, along Fraser Highway, all the way to 203 Street in Langley. This will give thousands of residents an opportunity to put their cars away and switch to public transit conveniently and reliably. Similarly this system is built to carry over 60,000 daily riders.  In addition, the line will have 8 SkyTrain stations on route, as well as 3 bus exchanges.

This project is looking to connect; Surrey Metro Centre – Fleetwood Town Centre – Langley Regional City Centre.

July 2021 – The Government of Canada has announced up at $1.3 billion dollars in federal funding will be put towards this project. In order to support the 16-kilometre extension, this government of BC has assumed ownership and delivery of this project, which Translink will operate as part of their regional SkyTrain network once fully functional and in-service.


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Travel Time and Passengers

This system will run 6800 passengers per hour per direction. Most importantly, that means it will carry more than ten times the current transportation system.  As a result, from King George to Langley City Centre commuters will be able to hop on a train every 6-8 minutes during peak hours. The full length of the ride will be approximately 22 minutes which is just under half the current time frame. Likewise, it is still over 10 minutes faster than the current express route. Removing vehicle traffic from the equation, the SkyTrain is 95% reliable for time so you can plan your commute almost down to the minute!

Public transportation provides an environmentally friendly, wholesome option for all residents. This fast, reliable, and convenient system has been serving the Metro Vancouver area for over 30 years!


Please Note

This information is subject to change. While we work to keep you updated on this information, things do tend to change. For the newest and most relevant information, please visit the city website or Translink website.


Three Reasons Why Buying Near a SkyTrain Station is a Smart Move:


1. Convenience

As we move towards a greener future, owning a car is becoming less and less necessary. We are seeing more and more people trade in their high insurance costs and lease payments for car share and a Translink Pass. For those who are willing to give up their car, the trade-off is usually that they want to be in close vicinity to the SkyTrain Station.


2. Resale & Rental Rates

Homes, Condos, and Presale Condos that are close to the SkyTrain station rent for more and sell for more, and rent quicker and sell quicker.


3. Supply vs. Demand

SkyTrain-Friendly Real Estate holds its value. As prices continue to increase, SkyTrain hubs become more and more desirable, and as demand builds, prices rise. Securing a piece of Real Estate in close walking distance to the SkyTrain station is a great way to mitigate risk in fluctuating markets.


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